GS Schneider

Quality assurance and close dialogue with GS Schneider made a successful prestigious construction project possible

Thanks to Dan Vals A/S and its focus on quality assurance, security of supply and close collaboration, German company GS Schneider was able to ensure the construction of eminent façade profiles for a major London construction project.


GS Schneider is a German company that has been producing architecturally complex façade constructions in Europe since 1919, including in cities like London, Hamburg and Luxembourg. Technical craftsmanship is their passion, which is why its buildings, façades and roof structures are made to the highest standards.


When it was time to start working on an extraordinary façade design for a major construction project in London, GS Schneider found itself facing an unusual challenge. Were these complex façade profiles even feasible? They were therefore looking for a specialist partner who would be able to advise on, custom build and supply advanced façade profiles as well as interior handrails for the project.

From proactive sparring to quality assurance


Dan Vals A/S approached this task by being proactive right from the product development stage. One of the things they did was to send various profile samples to give the company an idea of what it would be possible to roll. As GS Schneider came up with special requirements or questions over the course of the project, they were presented with flexible solutions and professional sparring.


Close dialogue about the development and design of the items was not the only area of focus, however. The completed façade profiles and handrails were also checked using a 1:1 drawing. This made it possible to ensure that the company received the correct quality. Dan Vals A/S also made it possible to achieve the precise delivery of all sub-components by having an efficient production ready in stock.

Reliable and solid craftsmanship bolstered top ranking


The high quality of planning, execution and security of supply meant that GS Schneider’s requirements were satisfied. As a result, the German company was able to keep its position at the top of the league for bespoke façade construction in Europe.


The story of successful projects does not end here, because with Dan Vals A/S as specialist partner and the company’s own modern tools, GS Schneider has the ability to complete major international tasks, technically, financially and on time.


Dan Vals A/S now has more than 25 years of experience in rolling and bending profiles, especially for the wind, industrial, construction and transport sectors.


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