About Dan Vals

About Dan Vals

Dan Vals is a long-established specialist in section bending for particularly the wind, industrial, construction and transport sectors as well as for the maritime sector. We have a creative and solution-oriented approach to the jobs we are given and focus on deliveries on a global scale. Dan Vals is characterised by quality, security of supply, creativity and a high degree of finish.

An ambitious environmental policy that makes a difference

We work on the premise that all companies, regardless of size, are able to have a positive impact on the environment. Dan Vals is well aware that we can make a difference, both to the big picture and the smaller one too.


Our environmental policy means that we go into minutia when checking that our supplier chain is able to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Where it is normal for most companies to receive materials every day, we require ours to be delivered from our suppliers in fewer batches, which allows us to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation. During the summer, we plant “pick your own” flowers on our field outside our buildings. And right now we are in the process of replacing our current heat sources with sustainable energy systems.


There is plenty more to read, so follow our green projects on our social media pages.

ISO 9001 quality management certification

We are proud to be able to satisfy the most stringent quality management standards. Our ISO 9001 certification means that our entire organisation works every day to ensure that all our products are of high quality.


Our work in areas such as Lean have meant that we have a keen focus on streamlined production to ensure efficiency and high uniform standards in the final result. This gives our customers security and a guarantee that our services are of extremely high quality with competitive pricing.

ISO 14001 environmental management certification

We continue to insist on stricter and stricter requirements in terms of how we can improve our environmental policy and how we can take internal and external environments into consideration. We are therefore also proud to be able to say that we are ISO 14001 certified.


This certification is evidence that we implement green measures within our own company, including by causing our suppliers to act accordingly, thus reducing indirect CO2 emissions throughout our value chain.


Many years’ experience and a continuing curiosity about perfectly forming steel and aluminium means that we are specialists within our field and exporting worldwide.


Attaining the highest degree of quality requires up-to-date production equipment and the core of Dan Vals comprises committed staff who have the ability to use cutting-edge technology in the production processes.


Having a management system which defines an environmental policy and complying with it are paramount to us. For this reason, Dan Vals is ISO 14001-certified.











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