Bending creates opportunities to shape items with sharp angles – and will minimize costs, as a welding process can be made redundant. By reducing the welding, the workpiece will otherwise be reinforced and have a cleaner finish.

We are specialists in both plate bending and pipe bending, so if you are in doubt about whether welding or bending is best suited to your desired product, we are happy to give our assessment of this. We are able to bend items in all material types as well as all dimensions. We always seek the optimal solution by being creative, innovative, flexible and efficient. This achieves the perfect result for our customers.

Our work is characterized by high quality and is always adapted to our customers’ requirements for both goals and quality. This makes Dan Vals A / S a preferred partner, and we always strive to meet requirements and wishes, including ensuring timely delivery.

Our machine park meets the high requirements for bending of various kinds and includes i.a. possibility of edge bending up to 4 meters. We have strict control over this, which is part of our efficient production method – this production method also contributes to our delivered quality always being high. We continuously update our machine park and continuously focus on optimizing our processes. This includes i.a. machining centers, robot technology and automation – processes that contribute to low production costs and we are therefore always extremely competitive.

Our employees are skilled and competent, and have many years of experience with bending. We ensure the professional level of our employees through ongoing training, both internally and externally.


Many years of experience with profile bending within a broad spectrum of the Danish industry have given us full knowledge of various materials and bending methods – we have even developed a new rolling – and form technique that will keep your costs down. We bend all types of materials from ordinary black steel and aluminium to stainless steel.


Dan Vals A/S has a total indoor area of 6500 m2 and a crane capacity of up to 16 tons. This enables us to work on and produce very big orders. We handle single orders as well as series. No order is too big or small.


One of the advantages of combining rolling with press-brake rolling is that welds are partially or wholly avoided. Examples of rolled customised profiles are cassettes, facings and coverings for columns in the following materials: steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluzinc, and aluminium.

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Bending - FAQ

What is bending?
Bending is generally a process of an element in which a desired radius or diameter is created by an adapted pressure in a bending machine. This results in a permanent deformation with sharp angles. Bending can be used for many different purposes and only the imagination sets the limits.

Which materials can be bended?
Most types of materials can be bent – steel, aluminum, copper, brass are the most common materials. The type of material depends on the desired purpose of the bent element and which process the bent element must be part of as an end product. At Dan Vals, all desired material types can be bent.

How large can the bended elements be?
There are generally no restrictions. This depends on the desired specifications and the radius on the profile, and therefore requires a great deal of know-how to be able to see the limitations. At Dan Vals A/S, we encourage you to contact us with the desired project for further discussion.

Which industries benefit from bending?
All industries benefit from bending, as rolling typically results in savings over related processes, e.g. welding. Typical industries are the construction sector, wind industry, transport industry and marine industry. However, the general industry will also greatly benefit from the bending process, as it may add increased opportunities.

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