Dan Vals A/S are experts in bending applications for the transport sector. We can bend all types of components, including rails, train windows, chassis profiles etc.


The world according to Dan Vals A/S is a world of shapes and curves. We are all surrounded by shapes and curves, which are aesthetic choices when used in constructions or as a natural element in various industries, including the transport industry.


We perform projects in both steel and aluminium for every imaginable application and to the specific requirements of the transport industry. Our customers range from small operators to titans of industry. Our work is characterised by high quality standards and is always customised to our customers’ quality requirements and dimensional specifications. We prioritise the specific needs of our customers, on the basis of special and/or serial production orders.


We offer innovative, high quality solutions and are chosen as partners by manufacturers of railway locomotives and bending stock, private and commercial vehicles, aircraft and agricultural and construction machinery.


Our services are always delivered at the agreed time and price and we are able to offer combined solutions that include processing, surface treatment etc., as well as the ability to offer attractive stock solutions.

Bending to transport sector


We offer bending of a wide variety of components within the transport segment, including: railway tracks, window frames and profiles for trucks and cars.

Quality and service


We know that our customers are busy. Therefore, we make sure that you do not have to worry about the bending. We are a dedicated subcontractor, and complete the tasks quickly and accurately. Our primary task is to create value for our customers, and we do this by delivering the agreed product at the right time and right price.

Follow the process


You can always keep track of how far the task is to completion. All our products are subject to strict quality control before being shipped to you.