Dan Vals are profile rolling specialists, so we always deliver items that satisfy demands with regard to both precision and quality of materials. We can offer to roll profiles in materials like stainless steel, iron and aluminium as well as in a variety of material extrusions, including tubing and rods.

This means that we can roll exactly the profiles you require, to suit your specific goals and requirements.

Seize the benefits of profile rolling

Profile rolling offers several benefits, and there are therefore good reasons to consider it as an option for your projects. Rolling gives you a piece that is precisely and safely shaped according to the exact curves and arcs that you need.

Profile rolling also gives you smooth and even surfaces, which not only produces a nice finish but a durable and safe result too.

If you need us to bend your profiles, we also offer specialised press-brake bending.

How we profile roll to your specifications

At Dan Vals, we apply all our expertise, knowledge and experience and will always have an in-depth discussion with you to clarify and determine your specific wishes, requirements and goals. We set up our machinery for the best possible exploitation of your materials and the best profile results to give you exactly the shapes and curvatures you require.

We always adapt our rolling to your requirements to ensure that everything comes out the right shape. Are you interested in finding out more about your options? You are very welcome to contact us. We can then have a no-strings chat about your requirements, and how we would approach the project.

Take advantage of all our expertise in profile rolling

Our many years of experience in profile rolling mean you can be confident that you will get a professional result. We approach all our assignments with the same enthusiasm and precision, so you can have full confidence that your wishes will always be foremost.

We also have extensive experience with and good insights into Danish industry. Here, we have worked in several different sectors and on several different cases. This has given us a good understanding of all types of assignments.


At Dan Vals A/S, the world is full of arcs and shapes. These forms surround us all and create both aesthetics when used in construction and are naturally involved in various industries, e.g. in the wind and transportation industry.

Shapes and arcs are the results of the rolling process, which Dan Vals A/S specializes in. Rolling is generally a process of a workpiece where a desired radius or diameter is created by an adapted pressure in a roller. This creates a curved workpiece with a smooth surface without joints or the like, and is therefore both a cost-saving process in terms of making welds to achieve the right angles and creates a more streamlined output.

Our work is characterized by high quality and is always adapted to our customers’ requirements for both goals and quality. This makes Dan Vals A/S a preferred partner, and we always strive to meet requirements and wishes, including ensuring timely delivery.

Due to our extensive machine park and many years of experience, we offer rolling of all shapes, including pipes, plates, profiles, etc. in all material types, regardless of whether this is steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Our rolled products are used in many different industries, but especially in the wind, transport, construction and industrial sectors, where we are able to offer customized solutions, whether this be large or small series.

We are able to roll items in both small and large radii. However, we do not know our actual limitation, as we are always creative and willing to find a solution so that our customers’ wishes become possible.

Our machine park meets the high requirements for rolling of various kinds. We have strict control over this, which is part of our efficient production method – this production method also contributes to our delivered quality always being high.

Do you need further processing of the items, e.g. welding, drilling or painting, we are happy to be available so the items sent are finished and ready for use.


What is profile rolling?
Profile rolling is generally a process in which an element is adapted to a desired radius or diameter. This is done with an adapted pressure in a roller. Then the element will appear with a desired curve, e.g. used for curved buildings, profiles for wind turbines and other parts that require some form of bending.

What type of materials can be rolled?
Most types of materials can be rolled – steel, aluminum, copper, brass are the most common materials. The type of material depends on the desired purpose of the selected element and which process the selected element must be part of as an end product. At Dan Vals, all desired material types can be rolled.

How large can the rolled elements be?
The size of elements for rolling has no restrictions overall. This depends on the desired specifications and the radius on the profile, and therefore requires a great deal of know-how to be able to see the limitations. At Dan Vals A/S, we encourage you to contact us with the desired project for further discussion.

Which industries benefit from profile rolling?
All industries benefit from rolling, as rolling typically results in savings in relation to processes, e.g. welding. Typical industries are the construction sector, wind industry, transport industry and marine Typical industries are the construction sector, wind industry, transport industry and marine industry. However, the general industry will also benefit greatly from the rolling process, as it may add increased opportunities.

Which rolling methods are used at Dan Vals?
Dan Vals A/S always uses the latest and most efficient methods for rolling, whether this involves rolling profiles, pipes, plates or other. We strive for our methods to consider the best possible quality and efficiency at all times, so that both output and price are as good as possible.


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