CNC turning

We have many years of experience in machining and excel in providing specialised solutions to our customers. The latest machines in our 6,500 square metre machine park can process both complex parts and other simpler items to high quality standards.

CNC turning in practice

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and refers to a widely used computer-controlled metalworking technology. When you need to have your metal CNC turned, we use the right equipment to shape the item to achieve the desired result. Items are shaped by placing the metal in a CNC lathe so that the item rotates around an axis. This allows the tools to cut and remove material.

CNC turning is an efficient and recommended method because computer technology makes it possible to quickly manufacture complex identical components in large quantities. As the machining process is automated, this means that the unit price is lower than would be possible were they to be produced manually.

It also means that items are manufactured to high precision standards every time. If you have a specific desire for machining flat or curved surfaces onto your metal items, we recommend CNC milling.

Let’s have a no-strings chat about CNC turning

We machine items in all sizes and in a variety of metal types, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium and iron. If you are in doubt about the feasibility of your project, please contact us by phone or by email. We are always ready to have a no-strings chat about your options and requirements, and we would be pleased to give you a specific offer.

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Results that speak for themselves

Our customers are always satisfied and give us positive feedback and come back to us with their next project. We are proud to have become a preferred partner for companies in the transport, industrial, wind power and construction sectors.

Here you can read about our case work with Copenhagen hospital Rigshospitalet and our collaborations with GS Schneider in Germany and Norwegian company Assistep.

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